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A mortgage is a contract between you (Client/Buyer) and a lender (someone who gives you a loan) that usually carries money to buy or refinance a home and provides the lender the right to recover your home if you don’t repay the loan. A mortgage or “loan” lender is a bank or financial that provides house loans. To check your worth and ability to pay back the loan, these lenders use some specific borrowing rules. These rules are decided on the loan’s condition, interest rate, repayment schedule, and some other important details.
This service is usually provided by banks or some other mortgage companies. This business unlike mortgage brokers closes and funds the loan directly. Because they specialize in funding mortgages, they are able to streamline the process far more efficiently. This is a significant advantage, as it means your loan will close sooner.

What Is a Mortgage Broker?
A mortgage broker acts as a go-between for you (Clients/Buyers) and lenders. To put it another way, mortgage brokers have no control over the loan rules, timeframe, or final approval. Brokers are certified experts that collect your mortgage application and supporting papers, as well as advise you on what items to address in your credit report and finances to improve your chances of acceptance. Many mortgage brokers operate for a non-bank mortgage company, which allows them to market various lenders on your behalf and assist you to get the best rate and offer. The lender normally pays brokers after the deal closes; however, the borrower may pay the broker’s fee upfront at closing.
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About Our Fast Credit Repair Agency specialist

We are a credit repair agency that helps you stay on top of your credit to make the best decisions for your future financial life.

OUR CREDIT REPAIR AGENCY is a national credit restoration company that works with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles by challenging questionable, inaccurate, outdated, misleading, and/or unverifiable data on consumer credit reports, and get any Loan or credit cards

What We Do
We understand the unforeseen can happen. We believe everyone deserves a second chance and our credit experts are here to help you. Our specialists work with you, the credit bureaus, and your creditors to help you attain the highest best credit possible…and give you the best knowledge to keep it that way.


Our Promise
All work performed by our credit repair specialists to raise your credit score is following the Credit Repair Organizations Act and complies with all state and federal laws.
Please contact us today to begin the process of improving your credit score quickly, legally, and affordably. We look forward to helping you to begin to rebuild your financial health and begin saving thousands of dollars in interest for years to come.

How Our Credit Repair Experts Help to Improve Your Credit Profile
We help you to improve your credit score using a multi-faceted approach. First, we work with you to create a customized action plan of ways you can begin improving your credit today. This will involve a thorough review of your credit profile and suggestions for simple adjustments that you can begin making immediately. We will also review the way all accounts are being reported to the credit agencies to make sure that there are no inaccuracies. During this process, you can count on our credit repair specialists to keep you educated and informed every step of the way.
Next, our credit repair specialists will work together with you to review your credit line by line. This will illuminate any mistakes or errors on your credit report including any items that are unverifiable, outdated, misleading, or questionable. Our credit repair specialists will also provide guidance for how to correspond with the major credit bureaus quickly and effectively, and your creditors to have incorrect items removed from your credit report.

Our Services
Low-Interest Rates on Credit Cards and Loans
The less money you pay in interest, the faster you’ll pay off the debt.
Better Chance for Credit Card and Loan Approval
A good credit score increases your chances of being approved for new credit.

Get Approved for Higher Limits

A good credit score is what banks are willing to let you borrow money.

More Negotiating Power

A good credit score gives you leverage to negotiate a lower interest rate on a credit card or a new loan.

Easier Approval for Rental Houses and Apartments
A good credit score saves you the time and hassle of finding a landlord that will approve renters with damaged credit.

Credit Repair
If you’ve experienced financial misfortune, from late payments to bankruptcy, that negative information can appear on your credit reports as a “derogatory mark.” It may stay there for several years, but we can help to delete them from your credit history.

Business Credit
A business credit profile is important because it is used by credit grantors to determine whether to extend credit to a business. Business credit allows a company to borrow money that can be used to purchase products or services. It is based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. We can help you to build up your business credit report to approve better loans and credit cards.

High-Interest Credit Card & Loans
Having a low credit indicates you’re a riskier borrower than someone with a better credit score. Creditors and lenders make you pay for this risk by charging you a higher interest rate.
Denied for a Car Loan
Banks check your credit before giving you a car loan. With bad credit, you might get denied a car loan altogether. Or, if you’re approved, you’ll likely have a high-interest rate, which leads to a higher monthly payment.

Difficulty getting approved for an apartment
Having bad credit can make it much more difficult to rent an apartment or house. If you find a landlord who will rent to you despite your low credit score, you may have to pay a higher security deposit.

Struggling opening your own business
Bad credit history can limit the amount you’re able to borrow to start a new business, even if you have a solid business plan and data supporting your business success.

Receiving calls from debt collectors
Bad credit itself doesn’t lead to debt collection calls. However, chances are that if you have bad credit, you also have some past-due bills that debt collectors are pursuing.

A Low Credit Score can HURT you in so many ways, including:

  • Buying a Car
  • Buying a House
  • Buying Anything on Credit
  • Getting a Good Job
  • Leasing a Home or Apartment
  • Renting a Car
  • Renting Equipment
  • Auto and Homeowners Insurance
  • Higher Payments on Everything You Finance