Welcome to CAHVC, as developer company founded in 1981 which has been recognized for taking on huge, complicated projects, supporting innovation, accepting emerging technology, and making a difference in the lives of their clients, workers, and community members. In Europe , Canada & USA.

While maintaining a selfless dedication to quality and safety, the company has built an impressive record. Moreover, taking our “Core Values” into consideration, we aim to take its legacy of developing real estate into the future.


Our goal is to become a global leader in the construction industry. Furthermore, we strive to give the greatest quality of service in the construction industry, as well as exceptional attention to detail on each project we work on.
To improve production and cost effectiveness, we try to consistently invent, develop, and adapt cutting-edge technology in procedures and materials. Moreover, to hire results-oriented workforce that is driven to produce greatness.


Our vision is to become the top construction company by manufacturing projects continually that exceeds international standards. Moreover, we do attempt to provide outstanding value and innovative construction solutions to our clients.
CAHVC intends on becoming your first preference at all times, both nationally and internationally, for our known excellence and reliability in all sorts of structures using modern concepts and sophisticated tech.


At CAHVC we use Inca block system patented by United States Patent and Trademark Office for the construction of villas and houses. The Inca Block Construction System is a cost-effective, productive, and versatile building system for walls and other structures. Inca blocks are easier, faster, and economical to install than traditional blocks.
This is due to the ease and accuracy with which it may be placed, as well as the fact that no mortar is required between consecutive block faces because they are held firmly together by a unique tongue and groove design that enables for vertical and horizontal quick locking.
The Inca block Construction System is the result of years of research and engineering studies, and it comes with unique technology that makes it easy to convert existing building plans to the Inca block Construction System using computers.

Pre-fabricated Homes

We also provide pre-fabricated house and building kits that include all of the necessary modular elements. All the elements are made off site and then brought and structured together. Blocks with self-contained electrical and plumbing outlets, window moldings and sills, cornices, dentils, and other decorative elements are included.


Moreover, our company also deals in the development of container houses. You may be wondering that it might cost a fortune. But to surprise you we can guarantee you that container houses are actually 30% more cost-effective than brick and mortar houses and as you may know, they are more durable because of the steel used to build them. Why prefer it? Because it is easy to build, cost effective and more durable than regular houses. Plus, it adds an additional look to your ordinary house.

Custom Home Designing

At last, we would like to tell you about our custom designed homes. A specialty we have been carrying since 41 years. Their development starts with the user’s provided ideas and turning them into a sketch or let’s say, “a modal”. Then using prefabricated kits or the Inca block system as mentioned above the modal is turned into a house. With a huge number of pre-designed plans, finish options and the ability to customize floorplans we give you the power to design yourself “A Perfect Home”.


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M. Zandi:
Partner, Investor, Developer, Architect, Imports & exports, AND the constructions industry for over 41 years in (Canada – Toronto & California – Los Angeles)
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investor, Architect & engineer for over 50 years in (California – Los Angeles)
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Investor, Architect & engineer for over 25 years in (California – Ontario)
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Investor, Architect & engineer for over 30 years in (California – Los Angeles)
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Partner, investors, Interior Designer and Home Stager for over 31 years. (Spain, Canada – Toronto & California – Los Angeles)
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Investor and Public Relation Ships – Imports & exports for over 30 years in (California, Los Angeles)